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Our coverage provides insight for those companies offering 3D printing services, materials and software sectors, as well as those that make the 3D printers themselves. We have published reports on most of the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing sector including personal printers, low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing materials, medical/dental markets and other promising 3D market segments. Our client roster includes some of the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the world.

In addition to our flagship reports, SmarTech Publishing provides monthly services offering analysis of developments in the 3D printed metals and polymer space almost as it happens.  Other offerings from SmarTech Publishing include studies of patent evolution in the 3DP/AM space.  In the near future will also be launching a new series of studies on implementation of 3DP/AM aimed at producing and manufacturing managers.

SmarTech Publishing insight on the medical sector
SmarTech Publishing has an ongoing program to identify the opportunities for 3DP/AM in the medical dental sector.  We are already seeing printed implants of standard sizings in hip markets approaching significant volumes, with more implant types now beginning to reach critical minimum real world trial length to be determined medically successful. SmarTech thinks that these early trials have paved the way for more common orthopedic and medical implant procedures to achieve widespread commercial success in the future, with applications expanding rapidly into knee, spinal, shoulder, and other implants to serve specialty cases where traditional treatments would fail.

SmarTech Publishing insight on the aerospace sector
SmarTech Publishing believe that the aerospace industry is on the cusp of a manufacturing revolution utilizing metal and polymer 3DP technologies to produce aircraft engine components and a variety of structural and cabin components. The number of projects in pre-production and flight testing for aircraft engine manufacturing has grown significantly in just twelve months. GE is no longer the only supplier ramping up for 3DP production. Pratt & Whitney, MTU, Airbus, and others are all integrating final parts into aircraft in volumes that range from hundreds, to thousands, and beyond. In fact, commercial aerospace is the single best example of advancing 3DP as a manufacturing technology rather than just a rapid prototyping tool. As Smartech Publishing sees it, the aerospace industries are increasingly presenting their own unique high-value market opportunities for additive manufacturing.

SmarTech Publishing insight on the aerospace sector
As SmarTech Publishing sees it, use of AM in automotive is evolving from relatively simple concept models for fit and finish checks and design verification, to functional parts that are used in test vehicles, engines, and platforms. This represents a shift in 3D printing adoption towards higher value applications and is an early step towards acceptance of 3D printed end-use parts in automobiles. Meanwhile leading automotive manufacturers are expanding beyond prototyping and test part production with 3D printing, and now experimenting with utilizing the technology for production of tooling and other parts to enhance the overall manufacturing processes for automobiles.

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