Höganäs offers 3D metal printing system

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By utilising the endless opportunities of metal powders, Höganäs can improve resource efficiency and lead a wave of change for the better.

The product range includes metal powders used for production of sintered components and welding electrodes; alloys for surface protection of exposed metal surfaces; brazing filler metals and pastes as well as inductors and electric drive systems. Below is a selection of our standard products listed by application area.

Industrial applications
3D metal printing makes it possible to quickly and cost effectively produce complex metal components for industrial use. They can be hollow or meshed, with undercuts, ducts, cavities and internal structures. Almost any design, no matter how complicated, is achievable using this technique.
3D metal printing also opens up the possibility of rapid customization of dental and medical devices. Patients will benefit from our ability to produce 100% customized products, based on their own precise needs and physiognomy.
By making lightweight but strong metal components, with hollow or meshed interiors, Höganäs can also contribute to advances in aircraft design.
3D metal printing enables a whole new level of creative freedom.

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